Wedding Cinematography + Photography | Based in England

This is us.


We're Jason and Stabby - storytellers, filmmakers, and photographers. 


A husband and wife team, we have two daughters, Layla and Charlie, a plant named Phil and we''re relocating to England from South Africa!


We are beyond excited for this new chapter in our adventure! (between me and you though, I don't think Phil will make it)

Our favourite things in the world are our little family, coffee, food, and the great outdoors. 

We have spent over 2500 hours documenting weddings, there is still excitement every time a bride walks down an aisle. There is such electricity and romance at every wedding it's hard not to stay positively charged.

This is where we ramble on about our story, yadda yadda yadda. We do have a pretty cool story and you can read it here. 


Est. 2013

For the past nine years we've been documenting all kinds of love stories, and still absolutely love being a part of the excitement and emotion.


That's the thing about real love, it's exciting.

Our job has afforded us the most incredible life - worldwide adventures and weekdays home with our kids. 

We've also had the pleasure of watching many, many little Heartistic babies grow up on Facebook - it's pretty rad to see the little humans our couples make.

100% organic.

We are Heartistic - just the two of us.


Technical Specs

Together, we received our BTech in Video and Television Production in 2012 - One day we may even get around to framing them.

We shoot on Sony Alpha 7iii

Ultra low light sensitivity and unobtrusive.

Our DJI is always with us for the adventure. 

Through experience, we've refined the gear we use to maximize creative results, but also to have the lightest footprint at your wedding event. This helps us go unnoticed and allows us to be dynamic and move around easily without a cumbersome rig. 

Life in squares