Our Story.

Loving since 2005

I'm Stabby, as you know, one half of the Heartistic Team. I'll tell you the story of us...


Our story starts in 2005, well Wednesday the 11th of November 2005, to be precise.


I was 16 and Jason was 17 when we met, in the parking lot of Burn, the alternative music venue we frequented.

We fell head over heels and in just 6 short months we became inseparable. We got engaged in June 2006, it took us about 2 months to tell Jason's mom. From the night we got engaged we did not spend another night apart until 10 years later when our first daughter was born. We are best friends and spend every possible moment together. He's the Net to my flix, the bean to my cup, the sun to my moon, and the lobster claw I'll hold when I'm old. 


Jason is a muso at heart, he had a band when we met.


I had always had a huge interest in photography, my gran always tells the story of me finding an old camera in the bottom of her cupboard and becoming obsessed from that point onward. 


In high school, we discovered our passion for filmmaking together. We pursued our passion and went on to study Filmmaking at University. In 2012 we graduated with a BTech in Television and Film Production. We both graduated with Cum Laude but we didn't go to our graduation ceremony, our parents ate pretty bummed that don't have a hat and robe photo for their wall... 


In 2012, our graduate year we tied the knot ourselves. We eloped to the island of Mauritius and had an intimate wedding of 10 guests. 


We discovered our love for documenting weddings when we were still in University. At the time, wedding videos were static and boring. We loved the challenge of creating a cinematic film with a natural set of a wedding. Putting everything we learned about filmmaking and storytelling into creating meaningful wedding films you wish you could binge-watch. 


In 2013 we officially opened the doors to our very own film company, Heartistic Productions.


We coined this name in the first year of uni, 2009. Can you even handle it? 


In 2016 we welcomed our first daughter, Layla, and got to enjoy the perks of our job - not having an 8-5, having the freedom to edit in our pj's, and spending time together as a family. 


Our little Layla jet-set around the world has had 22 flights be age 3 - traveled the circumference of the world almost twice with a whopping 76 960km under your belt before even turning 3. 

4 countries, 7 cities, and so much world left to discover

In 2019 we welcomed our second daughter, Charlie-Quin - Just before the start of Covid-19 and all its craziness. Our little isolated baby, who spent her first few months in lockdown. 

In 2020, with all our weddings being canceled - we had to find something to do with ourselves - we found happiness outside. We started a little vegetable garden with the kids and it was the best thing ever! Follow us on the 'gram @Sprouting_Suburbia

We've spent around 2500 hours documenting all sorts of weddings and we love it more today than ever. 

Our job has afforded us the most incredible life, worldwide adventures, and weekdays home with our kids.